Relationship Healing Course
- The Love Clinic -
APRIL 26 - 28, 2019 at Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Hosted by Energy Psychology Centre
Love Yourself, Love Each Other, Love God
Join Sandra Hillaw At The Relationship Healing Course To Find Your Way To Unconditional Love.

A Relationship Healing Course that works holistically and for many powerfully as you experience shifts in your energy system. It is not an academic or counselling exercise but on the spot experiential heart healing. Find breakthrough healing from grief, heartbreaks, betrayal, rekindle love, finding love and just being able to say I love myself, others and God and know it is true not only in your head but also deep in your heart.

Join International Trainer and Author of ‘The Love Clinic’ Sandra Hillawi for 3 days of love healing and transformation for all your relationships at The Relationship Healing Course and find your way towards Unconditional and Transforming Love

Following is a video of Sandra Hillawi’s Love & Relationship Healing Course in Alexandria Egypt (aka Love Clinic). Song is Sandra’s own album called ‘It’s Love’.

  • Over three days we will
    • ♥ Explore the energy dynamics of these relationships
    • ♥ Give the space and support to heal obstacles to love
    • ♥ Explore ways we can deepen our experience of love
  • Day 1 Loving Yourself
  • Day 2 Relationships with Others
  • Day 3 Relationship with God
  • Helping you towards the experience of Unconditional Love
  • Sandra's deep experience of energy dynamics of relationships, her own heart of love, compassion and wisdom will create a space for you to learn, to explore, to heal, to evolve and grow ever deeper Towards Love in your own life.
  • Self Love
    • ♥ How to heal and enrich your own heart
    • ♥ EMO* to transform your emotional blocks into emotional flow
    • ♥ How to give compassion and love to your hurting past
    • ♥ How to forgive your past regrets
    • ♥ The language of love to smooth communication
    • ♥ The Why and the How Loving Self Others and God is our quest
  • Love of Others
    • ♥ Why relationships fail
    • ♥ The energy secrets of how they can succeed
    • ♥ Removing obstacles to love in your relationships
    • ♥ The secret to getting closure if it ends
    • ♥ How obstacles can be the key to unlock your love and power
    • ♥ How to feed and grow your relationship
  • Love God
    • ♥ Understanding your relationship with God
    • ♥ With awareness of energy deepen your relationship with God
    • ♥ Turning prayer into a deeper embodied experience
    • ♥ Gaining deeper understanding of the message of scripture delivered through your own body wisdom
    • ♥ Surrender our burdens and our ego self into Love
    • ♥ Songs for praise and celebration
  • EMO - Energy In Motion self-help basics will be taught in this retreat for transforming your emotions
  • Your heart will be blessed in this event. You will change. Your relationships will change. You will be filled and blessed to over flowing with love. You will take home new skills and abilities to help yourself and others in matters of love for the rest of your life.
  • I am always interested in relationships as a therapist and have attended many relationship workshops but I was blown away by Sandra Hillawi’s transformational and powerful Relationship Healing Course. I can’t help feeling that multitudes of people needs this. That is why I am bringing her to Malaysia to help you.

    She was able to guide us to find where our blocks are and to lovingly and gently remove it. It may feel like a ‘stone in the heart’, it may be a vague feeling that there is no joy or love anymore, it maybe just not being able to love yourself or being able to love anymore. Whatever your blocks to love are it will just soften and flow away.

    The Relationship Healing Course is life changing and definitely healing here are some participant's experience.

Grief Transform To Laughter

The Relationship Healing Retreat helped with a grieving participant who lost her loving husband five years ago. Since then she had felt numb to her emotions and had never felt joy and real laughter that she used to enjoy with her late husband. During the session on loving yourself she experience an energy release and started laughing joyfully. She had not felt such happiness and spontaneous laughter since she lost her true love. She felt alive again!

Pain Transforms To Praise God

‘I felt high level love energy for myself and others during the course. My own breakthrough was on the third day when we touch on ‘Relationship with God’. Most of us believe in God or a divine creator. We have a relationship with the divine entity. That relationship like any other can be broken as mine was. As a participant described it, 'I can say I love God but I can't feel it'. I had this problem and it came from a painful experience 10 years ago. During the Love Clinic I was able to surrender all my pain and disappointments to God. It was a release of a blocked energy to surrender all to God that help me to feel closer to God's love and feel it in my being once again.

Now I can say, 'I truly love God' and feel it in my heart and soul! Today three months after the Relationship Healing Course I can now happily tell you that I can say I love God and feel it in my heart. I am also able to participant in my church service in public prayer when before there was only silence. I can now find praise in my heart for God when before there was only pain. Thank you Sandra for your wonderful Relationship Healing Course!’

B.H. Lim

Breakthrough In Life

‘It is never a coincidence in life when people meet. I felt so blessed to have finally met you. The sessions we had were priceless. Thank you for everything you had helped me to achieve some important breakthrough in my life’.


My Work And Life Improved

Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi couldn’t have come at the wrong moment where I was stuck between my professional and personal lives. I made an impromptu decision and i was among the best decisions I ever made.

The Love Clinic made me understood and changed my perception of “unconditional love” towards myself, relationship with others and The Almighty.

Sandra’s clinic was very engaging, interactive and catchy. She shared many of her own experiences that made it more valuable. The high feeling after the love clinic boosted the love energy in all aspects i needed.

My work and personal life improved tremendously after attending The Love Clinic and I would love to see my friends families to attend this course.



Sandra uses powerful GoE energy techniques to conduct these therapy exercises. EMO and Energy Tapping softens and flows the energy blocks until you reach a high energy state that heals and the capacity to love and accept love.

You can learn these amazing GoE techniques with GoE certified trainer Isaac Lim. Check out the list of available workshops in PJ, Malaysia at www.goe.eftwonder.com

  • Fee for 3 Days: MYR 2,100
  • For Reservations & Payments Kindly Fill in the Online Attendance Form

  • Advance booking only.
  • Hosted by Isaac Lim of Energy Psychology Centre, PJ.
    • 12-16 max intimate gathering with personal attention and support to all participants
    • Full refund will not be given but exchanged for equivalent workshop by GoE after 40% deduction for administrative & logistic cost.
    • Refreshments and lunch are provided.
    • Attendees will receive a copy of The Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi, planned to be updated 2nd Edition, and
    • Attendance Certificate from The Guild of Energists UK.
    • The organiser reserves the right to change the dates and venue of the Relationship Healing Course.
    • As everyone are different in their emotional and personality makeup we cannot guarantee that you will feel the same level of transformation as others. Effectiveness is based on openness to healing and change.
    • Participants are deem to have taken responsibility for their own mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.