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There is life within life. Love within love. A world that exist within your world.
It flows quietly unnoticed by you; yet it empowers you when you least expect it. It inspires you when life looks dull. It gives you the strength to go that extra mile, when you think you have come to the end of your journey. This my friends is the energy world that was always with you. Your unknown companion, mentor and protector. It is time to introduce this wonderful energy world to you. It is time to embrace it, love it and live it.
Presenting Your Energy World by Isaac Lim
Modern Stress Management.
We specialise in new and innovative approach that works.
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Sara T., United States
"Working with Isaac and EFT has transformed my life. Through Isaac's creativity, insight and expertise, I have been able to heal deep childhood traumas. What would normally take years in regular therapy we are able to achieve in just a session or two! I am happier, lighter and healthier than I ever have been before. Even my husband says that I am a different person! Every day I say a little prayer of thanks for Isaac and EFT!"
Jack Lee. Ipoh
"Thank you Isaac, after few sessions of EFT, I think a lot of emotional blockages have been released. Few phobias I had for many years seems like have gone completely. My anger has gone down to the level so low that I can manage it easily, I feel great and peace in my heart, able to sleep well at night. I am more energetic and feeling positive about life. Really appreciate you and thank you once again."
Marwa., Middle East
"Isaac I want to say thank you for helping me and my family. We are trully grateful for helping us and making our lives so much better. You trully have been a great blessing to us and may you receive blessing from God for all the good you have done for us and others."
Christine K.
"I came to the workshop very skeptical, but had many of my questions answered and will definately try to use EFT in my life and that of my family, Thank you."
Junie Khoo
"I feel this MSM workshop is really effective in helping to destress and be positive. Isaac was wonderful in coaching and help me understand. Thank you."
Siva Anamalay
"I find it so useful and energetic, going straight to solution rather than digging up the issue. Training was full of energy right from the start. I am enthusiastic and happy."
Hasan Ameer
"Simply powerful, worth every minute spend at the workshop. Would highly recommend everyone to attend. Far simpler and powerful than the classic EFT."
GoE Certified Courses
GoE Internationally Certified Courses Now availabled in Malaysia and SEA. Live training by Malaysia's first GoE certified trainer - Isaac Lim
New Community Energy Healer
experience the JOY of Modern Energy Healing and gain the confidence and experience you need to start being a real Energy Healer in YOUR Community.
Energy EFT Foundation Training
is a live training course that is powerfully focused on healing yourself.
Modern Stress Management Foundation
course teaches you the fundamental techniques needed to take back control from stress and help yourself, friends, family and groups.
Energy EFT Master Practitioner
the most advanced and integrated Energy EFT tapping course available for healing yourself and others.
Modern Stress Management Facilitator
training is a one day course for MSM trainers looking to work with companies, schools and individuals.
EMO Master Practitioner Training
is recognised by The GoE as being one of the most advanced, yet deceptively simple energy techniques available today.
Energy Psychology Centre Certified Courses
Classic EFT based on founder Gary Craig requirements and more for Level 1 & 2.
ES Qigong to understand principles and practices of energy for health and well being.
Classical EFT Level 1
is a live training scientifically approached, body focused course on healing yourself with basic EFT.
Classical EFT Level 2
is a live training practitioner workshop that focus on diagnostic understanding and healing the mind and emotions.
Energy Science Qigong Workshop
is an eye opening workshop that introduces you to the powerful world of energy and healing.
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