Energy EFT Foundation Training
New for 2021: Energy EFT Foundation Online Certificate Workshop
This *GoE UK based Energy Emotional Freedom Techniques Workshop is the perfect course for both self-improvement and helping others manage emotions and stress issues by understanding that it is only energy which we can change!
  • Learn to:
  • Remove negatives emotions fast by unblocking stuck energy
  • Restore emotional balance by raising your energy
  • Install positive emotions easily
  • Find solutions instead of problems
  • Change how you feel, think, and act
  • Tap into infinite energy everywhere
  • Feel happier, more positive and more
New for 2016: Energy EFT Foundation
Energy EFT Foundation, created by Silvia Hartmann, is the perfect course for you if you would like to learn the Energy EFT tapping system for both self-improvement and helping others. By learning how to improve energy flow and move further up the SUE Scale, you'll discover how to go from problems to solutions in a broad range of applications. Energy EFT, like its predecessor Classic EFT, teaches you skills about gaining emotional freedom from negative or low energy states, but this updated method is also applicable for creating high-energy states suitable for goal setting, inspiration, creativity and more. With Energy EFT Foundation, Hartmann has created this highly comprehensive, knowledgeable and practical course, which is packed full of ideas, tips and techniques. This is very much a course for intelligent adults, and you'll have plenty of opportunity putting Energy EFT to work on improving all aspects of your life.
One Training - One Entire Year Of Benefits!
Upon completion you'll be awarded your Energy EFT Foundation Certificate by your trainer. You'll also be awarded one year of GoE Standard Membership, gaining you many amazing benefits including:
  • Active GoE Members-Only Support Group: Talk to other members online, arrange swap sessions, ask questions and contribute to the members only group
  • Quarterly Magazine "The Energist": Keep up-to-date with the latest news and articles in this wonderful member-only full-colour magazine delivered to your door
  • Energy Downloads: Includes video and audio presentations for further learning
  • Member Files & Documents: download high-quality tapping protocols, slide shows and diagrams in many languages
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Countdown to Energy EFT Foundation Workshop
Learn to Tap into your Energy to Heal and Be Healed!
  • Date: August 20th 2022 (Saturday)
  • Time: 9.30am to 5.30pm (Based on UTC/GMT +8)
  • Course Fee: Now RM 575 for limited time only (prev RM799)
  • Contact: Isaac Lim 012-3215205 or click below to register interest
*Free 1 year GoE registration & membership worth RM225 with free downloads, courses and magazine.
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Course units for Energy EFT Foundation
  • Unit One: Introduction To Energy EFT
  • The History of Energy EFT
  • The SUE Scale
  • The Heart Position
  • The Energy EFT Tapping Points
  • How To Tap Energy EFT
  • The Energy EFT Round
  • The Energy EFT Set Up
  • How To Raise Energy
  • Positive EFT
  • Unit Two: The Energy Billionaire
  • The Different States of The Energy Body
  • The Stress To Success Pyramid Model
  • How To Give The Energy Body What It Needs To Be Stronger,Happier & Healthier
  • How To Become An Energy Billionaire
  • How To Draw On Powerful Nature Energies
  • How To Draw On Pure Animal Energy
  • How To Energize With Colour Energy
  • Using Energy EFT To Unlock The “Oceans Of Energy” For You
  • Unit Three: From Problems To Solutions
  • How To Manage Real Life Stress
  • How To Use The Aspects Model
  • How To Release Negative Emotions
  • Set Ups For Different Stress Levels
  • How To Stay Energized In Real Life
  • How To Convert Problems Into Solutions
  • How To Find Powerful Positive Set Ups
  • How Many Rounds To Tap
  • How To Tap For Past Aspects
  • How To Tap For Future Aspects
  • How to Tap By Proxy For Other People
  • Unit Four: Energy EFT For Two - And More!
  • Tapping Energy EFT With A Friend
  • Energy EFT With A Partner
  • Energy EFT With A Group
  • Tapping With Children
  • Tapping With Older Children & Teenagers
  • How To Teach and Share Energy EFT
  • The Heart of Gold Pattern
Testimonies from people who attended the workshop
"Isaac Lim has been a great mentor and trainer as I have been trained under him for classical EFT years back. I've benefited from it countless times and when Isaac introduced GOE training modules to the community, I immediately signed up after his preview. The training has actually brought us to another level of complimentary healing and I am delighted to be one of the pioneer in Malaysia to have this certification. Each of the modules are very different and it's captivating when we practices it; the experience, the feeling, the positivity and of course the ENERGY...!!!"
Mun Kit
"Very good to remove negative emotions effectively and fast plus getting energise at the same time. Trainer gave lots of hands on tapping."
Chai Ming Chee - Children Educationist
"I find it so useful and energetic, going straight to solution rather than digging up the issue. Training was full of energy right from the start. I am enthusiastic and happy."
Siva Anamalay - Law of Attraction Coach
"Its fun. I learn hands on tapping techniques that I can immediately apply at home. The teaching is simple, joyful and fun. I love it!"
HL Chuah - Businessman
"Classic EFT alone had helped me tremendously over the past 2 years. I some how find Energy EFT is a better, if not faster mode of getting rid of all emotional issues and pushing me forward to solving my issues straight into solutions without dwellng into my past. Thank you!!"
Maddie - Caregiver
"Energy EFT has more info, helps to feel stress free and knowing how easy to overcome issues in life. Mr. Isaac is good in teaching, easy to understand and fun."
Surjit Singh - Yoga Master
"I opens new ground and ideas that allows me to firstly help myself and eventually to lent a helping hand to those in need. As usual, Isaac has always been supportive and its a blessing that he brings EFT to another level. Thank you! "
Leong Mun Kit - Hypnotist
"Very practical - Energy EFT gives greater tools to deal with life issues. Provide answers and solutions to problems. Very energised and gives you the wings to move on. Thank you."
Patricia Thava - Nurse
"I learn new things and find this method much easier and probably more effective. The course is very useful."
Shaliza Ibrahim - Chemical Engineer and lecturer
"Energy EFT is more energising and positive. It helps bring me to a postive emotion faster than classical EFT. Trainer Isaac is an enthusiastic teacher, full of positive energy."
Junie Khoo
"I find this workshop interesting and engaging. I am excited to learn and discover more indepth about this Energy EFT."
Howard Kiu - Children Leadership Coach
"Rewarding, fulfilling to discover a solution to seemingly 'difficult' issues. Explaination was clear and methodical."
Bernadette Loh - Retiree
"The course was exciting and very interesting. It has given me tools to use in my life and to help my kids. Isaac is knowledgeable and helpful. Definately a worthwhile course to attend."
Anne Shirin - Special Needs Teacher
"I found the course was structured well. The pace was good and notes excellent. I especially like the experiential learning. Tapping for energy based on nature, animal and colour. Energy EFT is also not long winded. It's simpler and gets results with less time and effort."
Shamim - Educationist
"Simply powerful, worth every minute spend at the workshop. Would highly recommend everyone to attend. Far simpler and powerful than the classic EFT."
Hasan Ameer - Corperate Leader
"Energy EFT is more powerful and direct, very helpful and a quick way that works to overcome everyday life and work issues.""
Celaine Foo - Admin