Introducing Isaac Lim
Isaac Lim is the first qualified GoE/AMT trainer in Malaysia and SEA (with an associate in Indonesia). He is able to certify under Guild of Energist formerly American Meridian Therapies. EFT courses he conducts are recognised internationally by GoE organisation with members in 65 countries. Isaac Lim is a highly experience trainer and therapist having conducted classic EFT workshops and therapies for more than 10 years.
Isaac Lim is the founder and principle of the Energy Psychology Centre of Malaysia. He is also the leader of the Malaysian EFT Chapter with an active community of EFT ‘Tappers’ with more than 60 local members. The Malaysia EFT Chapter under the AHPM as a modality recognised by MOH. Energy Psychology Centre and GoE is the primary vehicle for creating awareness on EFT and producing trained EFT practitioners in Malaysia and internationally. Our mission is to promote EFT as preventative and stress-reducing techniques and to create awareness on the importance of processing stress and other negative emotions among professionals and laypeople alike.
Isaac Lim conducts internationally recognised qualifications in modern energy methods including Classic EFT Level 1&2, and as GoE qualified and certified trainer Energy EFT Foundation, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, Modern Stress Management Foundation, Modern Stress Management Facilitator, EMO Master Practitioner. He also organisers training, hosting international groups to exotic Malaysia and one-to-one therapy (in person or remotely via Skype).
Isaac Lim is also a qualified wellness medical qigong practitioner certified and registered with JPK (Human Resource Ministry) under NOSS (National Occupation Skill Standard) certification. He is also a member of Malaysia Qigong Therapy Society.
Isaac Lim is trained in WMQ Medical Qigong by Grandmaster Tan and in Han Yang by Grandmaster Shao. Grandmaster Tan is the founder of Wellness Medical Qigong and was himself train by several renown Medical Qigong Masters like grandmaster Shao Xin Xuan a professional medical Qigong doctor who is attached to Medical Qigong hospitals in China.