Modern Stress Management Foundation Training
NEW! - The GoE's Modern Stress Management Foundation course, created by Silvia Hartmann, is a four unit training that teaches you the fundamental techniques needed to take back control from stress and help yourself, friends, family and groups.
Information about Modern Stress Management
This four-unit qualification may be taught by live training or Skype and features a full-colour manual. Participants will learn the fundamental Modern Stress Management techniques to help combat the stress epidemic. On completion of this course you will be presented with your Modern Stress Management Foundation certificate and be awarded a years GoE Standard Membership, which gives you access to the members group, valuable learning resources and also receive the magazine The Energist.
Modern Stress Management Foundation is a one day course for MSM trainers looking to work with companies, schools and individuals. Stress is the epidemic that blights our society and MSM is very much the solution. This course is well structured and I can see it being very liberating and energising for both students and teacher. Alex Kent CEO, GoE
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Countdown to Energy EFT Foundation Workshop
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  • Date: 21st April 2018
  • Time: 9am to 5pm
  • Venue: PJ8 Multipurpose Hall, 3rd Floor, Block D, Jalan Barat, PJ (in front of PJ Hilton)
  • Course Fee: RM 780 only (*Community discount 50% NOW Only RM 340!)
  • Contact: Isaac Lim 012-3215205
*Discount only available till 12th November 2016
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Course units for Modern Stress Management Foundation
  • Unit One: Measuring Stress
  • Welcome to Modern Stress Management!
  • What Is Stress?
  • Emotional Stress
  • Where Do Emotions Come From?
  • It's All About Energy!
  • Measuring Stress
  • Very Low Energy
  • Emergency Energy
  • Stress
  • The Zero Point Of Nothing
  • Low Positive Energy
  • Positive Energy
  • High Energy - The Even Flow
  • Many Aspects
  • Energize Your Life!
  • Unit Two: Energize Your Life!
  • Recognizing Stress
  • What Raises Your Energy?
  • Start With The Heart!
  • Energy Breathing
  • The Here & Now Exercise
  • Energy EFT
  • The Perfect Place
  • Energy Is Free!
  • Positive Energy For You!
  • Unit Three: De-Stressing Other People
  • Good And Bad People
  • We Are Not Alone
  • Group Bubbles
  • The YES! Principle
  • Your Happiness Matters!
  • Modern Leadership
  • The Master Mind Group
  • Unit Four: A New Energized Future
  • YES! You Can!
  • Positive Futures
  • From Problems To Solutions
  • Energizing Aspects
  • Protecting The Future
  • Modern Stress Management In Conclusion
Testimonies from people who attended the workshop
"Very effective and simple way to manage stress the ‘modern’ way. A self-help tool that everyone can use…."
"A very enlightening and informative course on stress management that fulfilled my requirement."
Mr. Tan
"I feel this MSM workshop is really effective in helping to destress and be positive. Isaac was wonderful in coaching and help me understand. Thank you."
Junie Khoo
"Firstly such an enjoyable, happy and positive course. Wonderful group of participants to heighten energy with. An eye opener for stress management approach and energising the future."
Raja Selina - Architect
"Thank you very much. This is a very good stress management course, which is very effective."
Cinly Chuah
"I find it to be simple and effective. Sending energy to aspects is very interesting."
Testimonies from people who attended group therapy
"I am glad that I participated in this program. I wish I had brought my uncle and auntie to join so that I could help them to reduce their stress."
Siti Rosnita
"It really helped me reduced my stress. It was really fun doing the tapping activities and others. I really enjoyed it. It also help me understand why someone react like that."
"It is amazing and enjoyed it. The practical was very good, easy to understand and to release stress."
Siti Fatimah
"It was so amazing and I love the experience. Hope you can help more people in the world."
Nor Suhaida
"Indeed an eye opening session for me. It requires tapping and breathing techniques to deal with stress. Just only a few minutes of our time. We can also recharge our energy to high energy. This is what a lot of people need to know."
"I am grateful to be in the session. It is like a short course. Practical because of the short duration. Thank you Isaac."
Wan Zumushi
"MSM is easy to implement and practice and the result is very fast. I like it and it is easy to understand the concept."